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Vegan Pasta With Veggies & Creamy Cashew Sauce

Welcome to my Meatless Monday pasta partaaaay, so nice of you to join! It’s a new week, which means you can hit the reset button if you’ve gone off track with your diet and need to start over! No worries, I’ve got you covered. My Vegan Pasta With... read more

Vegan Pizza With Homemade Basil Cashew Spread

Happy #Meatless Monday, my keen believers in the power of plant based pizza! It’s just pizza party central over here @ upbeetandkaleingit.com lately! But that’s fine with me because vegan pizza gives me life. You may want to also check out my previous... read more

Easy Hearty Vegan Salad

Hey hey hey my plant loving, salad devouring friends! I’d like to share a super nutritious salad recipe with you on this wonderful hashgtag MeatlessMonday. My Easy Hearty Vegan Salad is perfect for cooler weather and as you can see from my last few posts,... read more

What I Eat in a Day: Plant-Based Grad Student

Happy FriYAY! Thank. Goodness. Did anyone else feel like this week was never going to end? Well, the weekend is finally here, so enjoy yourselves, relax, and make some good planty dishes. Today, I wanted to show you another version of “What I Eat in a Day: Plant... read more

Easy Vegan Pumpkin Pizza

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’ll be parties for hosting and pumpkins for roasting and stuffing your face with anything that has the ingredient pumpkin in it. Okaaay, so it’s still not September 22nd but whatevs. I’m... read more

Vegan Mexican Pasta Skillet

What’s my secret to a happy and fulfilling life? Pasta. No joke, we all need a little bit of pasta in our lives and in this case, the pasta is healthy, so we need a lot of pasta! I try my best to make planty dishes that even the “worst” of cooks can... read more

Healthy Vegan Apple Crisp

Hiiiii my apple crisp loving friends! Yay it’s finally September 🙂 I don’t care if it’s technically still summer, September means all things fall to me. Pumpkins, cinnamon, butternut squash, cranberries, maple syrup, and pecans will all be making... read more

Vegan Lemon & Dill Chickpea Biscuits

Biscuits are a food group too, right? Well they should be! Oh my gosh my friends, I am soooo very excited for you to make these biscuit babies. My Vegan Lemon & Dill Chickpea Biscuits are are bursting with zesty lemony flavor and fresh fragrant dill. The best part... read more

What I Eat in a Day: Plant Based Grad Student

Good morning to all of my plant-loving friends! I’m so glad that you stopped by my blog this fine Friday morning. Today, I’m here to talk about what kinds of foods I pack for a day of school. The meals and snacks you’re about to see are for a day... read more

Easy Vanilla Chia Pudding

The chia seed pudding of your dreams has arrived! Easy Vanilla Chia Pudding is not only the answer to your pudding prayers but it also tastes like vanilla caramel, and it’s packed with yumminess. Count me in, please. Not to mention, all you have to do is put the... read more

Tomato & Cucumber Summer Salad

Let’s all take a trip to the Greek Island of Paros, just for a minute. Paros is a beautiful island that lies in the Aegean Sea located in between Greece and Turkey, and the place that inspired this salad. No, this is not a Greek Salad, but there is certainly a... read more

Chocolate Cookie & Sorbetto Sandwiches

Ciao my bellas! What do you do with vegan chocolate cookies and sorbetto (sorbet) ? You combine them into a cookie sandwich and eat them together, of course! So, let us discuss these cookies. Oh wow, where do I start? Well, the main ingredients are black beans and oat... read more
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Healthy Homemade Vegan Pizza

Healthy Homemade Vegan Pizza

Hi guys! My name is Mary. I am a law student who happened to stumble across a vegan cooking passion. I create recipes that are healthy, quick and easy to make. If you have any questions, you can email me here -- I would love to hear from you!

My recipes in Vegan Magazine

My recipes in Vegan Magazine