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Vegan Caesar Salad

Howdy! I hope that your week went well. Yay for FriYAYYY (the best day of the week). Do you have any fun recipes you’re making this weekend? I’d love to hear them! If you don’t have any food making plans, perhaps this new recipe of mine will... read more

Lettuce Wrapped Veggie Burger

I’m baaaaack! Did you miss me? Well, I sure did miss blogging and making some fantastic recipes for you guys. Unfortunately, finals completely took over my life. I mean, I lived in the library. It now feels like my home away from home minus the endless shelves... read more

Juice Beauty Luminous Lip Crayon

Juice Beauty was kind enough to send me a Luminous Lip Crayon in Malibu, which is a super pretty nude pink color. The Luminous Lip Crayon contains the Juice Beauty exclusive Moisture Plant Blend (vegetable glycerin, jojoba & phospholipids) to increase skin... read more

Vegan Blueberry & Chocolate Chip Muffins

Hey guys! Happy Monday! May your week be filled with my delicious Vegan Blueberry & Chocolate Chip Muffins. Trust me, these muffins will make your mornings a little bit better. After all, who doesn’t love healthy muffins that are packed with fresh... read more

Vegan Chocolate & Nut + Seed Butter Mug Cake

Hey hey! Hope you’re in the mood for some feel good food aka warm Vegan Chocolate and Nut + Seed Butter Mug Cake. How great are mug cakes? After you’re done with dinner and crave something sweet, a mug cake sounds so tasty and easy. A lot of people... read more

Greek Beans In Tomato Sauce

“Give me a word, any word, and I show you that the root of that word is Greek.” Technically, this dish is called “Gigantes,” which comes from the Greek word giants. However, I decided to use cute little lima beans instead of giant ones. As some... read more

Vegan Spinach Falafel

March 28th, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! Ah, I’m 24 years old. Nobody cares once you get past the 21 year mark or maybe that’s just me. I did have a fabulous pre birthday weekend. Friday night I went out to dinner with some friends and they got me vegan... read more

5 Vegan Smoothie Ideas

We all love smoothies. There’s something super refreshing about them. I don’t know about you, but I feel really healthy when I drink them, kind of like I’m making a nutritious choice. Smoothies are great because you can throw so many different things... read more

Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Ello poppets! I’m thinking this new quinoa gem completely kales the breakfast game. Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast Bowl anyone?! Keen -whaaaaaat? For breakfast? Absolutely! Think of this breakfast bowl as oatmeal’s prettier and more interesting sister. What can I say; I... read more

Vegan Green Smoothie Bowl

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Sláinte! An old Irish saying that patrons guzzling their Guinness say to one another. It means “health” or ” I drink to your health.” Whether what you’re drinking today comes in the form of a pint, a... read more

Easy Vegan Mac and Cheese

It’s mac and cheese time!!! The best time, always. Pretty much everybody and their brother loves mac and cheese because it is a dish that brings about feelings of nostalgia. In grade school, it was a treat to indulge in it every now and then at lunch. And boy... read more

Lemon and Nut Protein Bites

When I think of quick go to snacks, I automatically think of protein bites. These little balls of goodness tie me over when I don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a snack in between meals. Last semester, I was so busy on Mondays and Wednesdays with classes from... read more
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Healthy Homemade Vegan Pizza

Healthy Homemade Vegan Pizza

Hi guys! My name is Mary. I am a law student who happened to stumble across a vegan cooking passion. I create recipes that are healthy, quick and easy to make. If you have any questions, you can email me here -- I would love to hear from you!

My recipes in Vegan Magazine

My recipes in Vegan Magazine