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Raw Key Lime and Maple Almond Butter Bites

Raw Key Lime and Maple Almond Butter Bites

Hiiiiiii my little bites of energy.

It is time for some food that does not involve a pumpkin (sigh).

I am a huge fan of raw energy bites! They’re small, easy to make, and give you a little boost of energy when you’re hungry. I have been making pumpkin bites pretty much every week and thought I would spruce things up!

Maple almond butter was staring right at me while I was grocery shopping. I knew pumpkin would be a safe choice but then I saw the limes. Welp, it’s a divine combination and it gives key lime pie a run for its money.

I used dates to sweeten the bites and added some coconut flour for substance.

Seriously guys, if you’re constantly on the go and you have a sweet tooth, these are absolutely perfect to make. I take them to school and it keeps me from donating my George Washington to the vending machine for a candy bar. Let me know what you think <3

Makes 8-10 bites

1 1/2 cups of dates (take the pits out)

2 tbsp coconut flour

1 tbsp sweetened apple sauce

The juice of one whole medium lime

3 tbsp of maple almond butter or regular!

Throw everything into a food processor or blender! Form into balls and stick them in the fridge to harden for a bit.

4 Ingredient Dairy Free Cookie Dough 

4 Ingredient Dairy Free Cookie Dough 

Yum!!! No eggs+no dairy= happy stomach

This cookie dough is so easy to make and at around 100 calories a ball, your sweet tooth will be satisfied. I have an enormous sweet tooth that is never really satisfied but these can do the trick. If you give me a dessert, I cannot eat just ONE. Props to the people with the will power to practice moderation. 


1 cup brown rice flour but almond would most likely work too

1/3 agave

Roughly 1/3 cup chocolate almond milk but may need to add more depending on consistency 

1/2 cup of semi sweet dark chocolate chips

These guys definitely have a fair amount of sugar but regardless, grabbing one of these over other sweets is the right move.

1. Just put everything but the chocolate chips in a bowl.  

2. Take a fork and mix everything together. The dough needs to be able to be formed into one big ball and should be somewhat sticky. Add more almond milk if the flour is not fully incorporated. 

3. Fold in the chocolate chips and make about 10 balls!

You’ll be one big happy unbaked cookie 🙂

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