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What I Ate in a Day: Vegan Eats

What I Ate in a Day: Vegan Eats

Hello lovely people! I decided that I would stop by, say hello and show you the abundance of delicious plant based food I stuff my face with on a daily basis. On Instagram, I show you a decent glimpse of what I eat but I have quite an appetite and there are many foods that you don’t see. I don’t eat a lot of sugar and that’s because my acne doesn’t flare up when refined sugar is eliminated from my diet for the most part. Also, I try my very best not to eat after 8 pm but that’s not always the case because hellooooo night class two times a week. I will NOT miss you law school, not one bit. Other than that, I don’t really follow any special diet rules! Well, actually an avocado a day is my life motto.

Ok, on to the food pics. Let’s start with coffee/the drink that motivates me most in life. Really, I owe it all to coffee and yes, I am proud to say those pajamas with cats in Christmas sweaters on them are my most prized possession. NO. SHAME. Typically, my coffee consists of well, organic coffee, unsweetened vanilla almond milk ( I love MALK), coconut oil or coconut MCT oil, a dash of cinnamon and maybe some Moon Deli Mushroom Adaptogen. I blend everything in my nutribullet.Ok, next. Breakfast! My favorite meal of the day. You see me make a lot of savory dishes and low sugar smoothie bowls. This is my Glowing Skin Bowl without cacao nibs! Ingredients: frozen riced cauliflower, a lot of fresh spinach, fresh mint leaves, 1/2 or 3/4 of a banana, organic almond butter, 1/2 medium avocado and Moon Deli Blue Green Protein.I normally eat breakfast around 8/8:30 am but it depends on the day and what I have going on. Around 11 am, I am ready for a small snack. Who isn’t?! Thank the Healthy Fat Bite gods that I had just made these yummy Vegan Cinnamon Roll Bites. The recipe is in a recent Instagram post.Moving on. It’s lunch time and Veestro just came out with their new holiday menu. It is AMAZING. As a vegan, I find it very difficult around the holidays to watch family and friends share holiday food traditions with one another and I’m over here like “hey here is my kale!” Veesto has given me hope again, lolz. I ate the baked mac & cheez, which is beyond delicious and I took the turk’y scaloppini dinner to my fiancĂ© because sharing is caring. He absolutely loved it and also ate the Pecan Pie for dessert. If Mark approves it then it must be really good. Great news, you can get 15% off of a la carte meals until 12/31/17 using the code “UPBEET15” yayyyy.

Around 4/4:30 I’m usually hungry again and have another light snack. I just received my Honest Stand vegan cheese dip order and it’s life changing. I highly recommend. You can put it on anything and I promise you, your food will taste better. Sometimes, I eat dinner at school in the library, which is pretty depressing but what can ya do. This meal did not look nearly as pretty when I packed it into my pyrex but it was full of delicious nourishing food.
I packed “dessert” to take to school and I ended up only eating the apple when I got home from class. The Zing bar was saved for another day. I hope that you enjoyed seeing everything I eat in a day. Also, I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated but who wants to see pictures of water. Boring. Have a great weekend!

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