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Weight is a just a number and should never be something that we should obsess over. That being said, weighing ourselves every now and then is a healthy weightloss or maintenance tactic to see where exactly we fall on the health spectrum. However, if you are at a healthy weight, there is no reason the scrutinize that number on the scale. Instead, try slipping on your favorite pair of jeans and see how tight they fit. If they’re a littleeeee bit snug, no problem, that just means it’s time to increase the amount of whole foods you eat and slightly up the cardio! I hope that these food, exercise and lifestyle tips help you 🙂
1. You guessed it, water. Water, water and more water. It’s plain Jane. Spruce it up with lemon, cucumber, and your other favorite fruits. Try to down at least 8 medium sized glasses a day. By the way, that does NOT mean you should reach for that crap you can put in your water to flavor it. Natural only 🙂

2. Soups. They’re easy and quick to make. Try eating soup for a meal a few times a week. The waistline will be happy.

3. WALK. These are pretty obvious so far. No one expects you to get up and run 5 miles a day. However, being sedentary will only make you feel more tired and increase your chances of developing heart disease. Try getting up an hour earlier and walking for 30 minutes at a medium to fast pace.

4. Probiotic. Take one a day to help with digestive balance and boost your immune system.

5. Limit dairy intake if you eat it. Not only has cutting out dairy helped me lose a little bit of weight but I also notice a difference in the clarity of my skin. I used to have more acne when I ate dairy products.

6. Weights. LIFT. I don’t mean bench press half of your body weight. Pick up some free weights and do ten reps of ten. Go online and find arm and leg exercises that work for you. This will not make you look bulky but rather more lean and help decrease the chances of developing osteoporosis.

7. Don’t be afraid of carbs. Eat the good ones. Eating a sweet potato or some whole grain pasta with vegetables is NOT going to make you fat. Depriving yourself of good carbs might though. The people that deprive themselves of good carbs are usually the ones that finish the brownie tray because their bodies are so deprived.

8. B Complex vitamin. Some research shows that B complex vitamins can convert the food you eat into cellular energy.

9. Treat yourself. Don’t eat salad and fruit all day every day. Go out and enjoy some cake and pasta once a week, and just don’t go over board.

10. Stop stressing. Weight isn’t everything. Just do your best to be healthy and practice self control. Thinking about it 24/7 won’t make you any slimmer.