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Sometimes the weekend is all about work and there’s not much time for fun, but sometimes it’s all about stuffing your face with your favorite eats and having a great time. Well, I’m trying to make my weekends more full of the latter. My fiancĂ© and I LOVE to go to Ann Arbor on Saturdays and enjoy some delicious vegan eats. He isn’t vegan but he tries to eat vegan food as much as possible for me, which I really appreciate (love you Marky). When I first wake-up, usually I have half of a kombucha. In terms of flavors, I alternate between trilogy, gingerade, lavender, and cosmic cranberry. Kombucha is my favorite drink in the world and it’s unusual for me to go more than a few days without one. Also, I did have a coffee later on but forgot to take a picture of it because coffee in a mug is kind of boring. 

Ah, next up was Fred’s for a late breakfast. The space is seriously gorgeous and it’s aesthetically pleasing with all of the white, gray, and other light colors that compliment natural light. A food blogger’s dream! I got a green smoothie and my man got a chocolate protein smoothie and he loved it! If it’s difficult to get your significant other to emulate your healthy eating habits, encourage them to try smoothies packed with nutrients. Also, I ordered a fabulous veggie burger and it was a beautiful pink color (insert heart eyes emoji). The burger was topped with some kind of avocado sauce and I died and went to avo heaven.

Ooooooh and then I had a raspberry cupcake. It was the best vegan cupcake that I’ve ever had. Vegan cupcakes can be off when it comes to texture, taste, and sweetness, but not this one, it was uber delicious.

Next we did some shopping at cute little boutiques. There are soooo many great shops and fun things to do in Ann Arbor, I highly recommend visiting. After a ton of walking, we were ready for some green juice and in my fiancĂ©’s case, coffee. I got a green juice with no fruit in it. Normally, I order green juice with just veggies to avoid the boatload of sugar that comes in fruit juice. Also, I think that green juice easier to digest. 

Then we walked around some more. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have quite a large appetite, so it wasn’t long before I was hungry again. This time, we craved salads. Good thing that Salads UP was right down the street from us. We created our own vegan salads that were packed with veggies, tofu, and beans! YUM.

Sadly, there is not a Whole Foods in Toledo, so I drive to Ann Arbor to buy some of my favorites that aren’t available in the 419. The drive is not bad at all and it’s worth it so that I can buy gut shots, quality vegan cream cheese, and dive into the Whole Foods buffet. The random yet amazing dinner that I ate is pictured below. Of course I did not drink that whole gut shot bottle, I just took one little shot before dinner! Ummmm Whole Foods sushi is life and I dipped the pieces in vegan chive cream cheese, UNREAL.

 Thank you Fred’s and Salads UP for accommodating our meals. Have a great week my foodie friends!